Consulting Services


We specialize in developing applications for the Microsoft Windows, Windows 95/98, and Windows NT environments. With over 20 years experience in creating client / server real-time and database applications, we have the experience and knowledge to implement solutions that exceed your expectations.

Our services include:

Financial LAN application development on all Microsoft Windows platforms.
Custom TradeStation development.
Database design and implementation.
Software development on DOS, UNIX (including X11 and NextStep), and Windows (16/32 bit and MFC).
Telecommunication protocols (TCP/IP, X.25, SMTP).
System and Network Administration/Support (UNIX and Windows).
Internet consulting, World-Wide Web servers, and HTML authoring.
Computer security protocols and firewalls.
Software ports to and from various platforms (UNIX, Windows, Mac.).


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Revised on 2 October 2001