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MS_MACRO - A macro support utility for METASTOCK Professional (tm)

This software package generates custom tailored macros without the hassle of repeating long, complicated key sequences. With MS_MACRO you can program Metastock to make your weekly chart book obsolete. You can program Metastock to print out as many charts of anything you want, with all of your favorite indicators, automatically. You then never have to wait for your Monday chart books again.

This program is a dissembler that turns Metastock machine readable macro files to ASCII friendly programming information, and an assembler that will convert the user modified ASCII text file back into a legal Metastock Professional macro file, ready to run. This allows you actually program Metastock to do anything.

The easy manipulation of a Metastock macro makes it possible to update/tailor reports to correct mistakes, update for contract rollovers, and allows the replication of similar key sequences for multiple data files allowing the generation of custom daily charts. Modules of Metastock commands can be included into a macro source file with a include file command just like in a high level programming language.

This allows you to develop reusable, standardized Metastock procedures. The ticker strings for your data files can also be replaced by symbolic constants in your macro source code. This allows you to simply update the ticker strings in an include file, just recompile your macros and you are done with contract roll-over without having to touch any of your macro source files. MS_MACRO also supports a test mode that allows you to develop and test macro sequences before printing them. Sample macro source files and MSDOS batch files are included, which fully document how to automate daily chart generation.

Here is part of a actual program source file ---

         # DCHT_MAC.TXT - Daily charts part 2
      # converted from c:\MSP\MSP5.MAC - Sun Sep 04 17:51:54 1988
      # by MS_MACRO from Tierra del Fuego Ltd.
      # 03/25/90 - Upgraded to run MetaStock V2.0 new command set
      # 02/08/92 - Upgraded to use smart charts for Bollinger bands and trendlines
      include File symbol defines
      # This macro is designed to called via cmd ln args
      # It will do its work then exit MetaStock
      #L Already at the Load menu
      datafile hourly_dow_index load hourly dow ind data
      include do standard data load
      <space> Map the indicator chart
      <F3> Switch to small charts
      <Alt B>Y blank video memory
      include add a RSI and a MACD
      include add the MACD trade signal arrows
      <F5>P and print it

Revised on 14 October 2001
1998 - 2001 Tierra del Fuego Ltd.